Give a chance to the disadvantaged...

Support the present time

by alleviating suffering and survival.

and build the future!

with tools to support children's emotional

balance in a disturbed environment.

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Appel Fondation brochure

Appel Fondation brochure (PDF)

Give a chance to the disadvantaged...

Support the present time and build the future...

Appel Fondation is a Canadian-based non-profit entity providing financial, material and educational support for humanitarian actions and projects that have been selected for their potential to cope with the present time by alleviating situations of suffering and survival and for their ability to build the future by promoting access to better living conditions.

We operate in various parts of the world in collaboration with local participants, referenced or known to the foundation.


So that survival turns into happy living...

Emergency assistance or short term development does not allow the construction of a sustainable and harmonious future.  Material survival must be accompanied by an emotional harmonization that material support alone can not provide.  According to universal ethical principles, it is also necessary to feed the mind.  Appel Fondation considers that the development of the sensitivity and the mind is essential to develop a global consciousness, which seems inevitable for all children, since they are the future of humanity.

We aim at giving to the most disadvantaged populations, the appropriate tools on material, personal, relational and cultural levels to improve a survival situation.

Our goals

Due to humanitarian emergencies, our actions are mainly focused on providing assistance on a daily basis for the physical and material survival. But over time, it became necessary to bring other elements to build a sustainable future. 

In this sense, our support for the Cintilar Association in Brazil could lead over time to a more sustainable approach. Indeed, some of the children who were welcomed years ago at the Cintilar's orphanage, are now facilitators who work with newcomers.