Give a chance to the disadvantaged...

Support the present time

by alleviating suffering and survival.

and build the future!

with tools to support children's emotional

balance in a disturbed environment.

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The Team of Appel Fondation

Director and coordinator
Cynthia Garon

Réjane Blouin

Janpier Sainte-Marie

Our voluntary workers

  • Deine V.: our ambassadress to the children of the Cintilar orphanage, in Brazil. She personally follows their evolution since the creation of the orphanage.
  • Claudine P.: our correspondent for the humanitarian actions taken in India.
  • Francine E.: our correspondent for the humanitarian projects in Ivory Coast.
  • Loic T.: our correspondent for the actions carried out for the Agricultural cooperative of Lany-Mody in Mali.
  • Bernard D.: our correspondent for the financing of impregnated mosquito nets, as part of the malaria prevention programme in Senegal.
  • Delphine O.: initiator of the financing of a grant in favor of a teacher in Burkina Faso.
  • Jean-Sébastien M.: editor
  • Chouilane Y., Elène C. : correctors
  • Mona B.: translator in English
  • Oriela A.: translator in Spanish
  • Marina R., Gioia C.: translators in Italian
  • Sabrina N.: participant in the promotion and the emergence of all sectors of assistance
  • Nicolas M.: drawer of our new logo
  • Nirman A.: International lawyer at the UN

For all of them, many thanks for their participation in the activities of Appel Fondation.