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by alleviating suffering and survival.

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with tools to support children's emotional

balance in a disturbed environment.

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Arts & Education Projects


Support for the creation and realization of material sustaining imagination and emotional sensibility

The imagination and dreams are powerful antidotes to suffering, not to escape reality, but to find in ourselves the primal forces of trust, hope, excitement and wonder to manage pain, unhappiness and adversity.

That is why we find it useful to support the emergence and distribution of artistic creations (graphic art, music and literature) to disadvantaged people. They will hence find support for their dreams and imagination so they can develop or recover the emotional qualities giving them a chance to better manage life's difficulties.

These creations are intended to be produced locally with local means of small-scale publishing in order to optimize the manufacturing costs. They will be translated and published in the target language.

Assistance in the Research for Literature and Art Creations likely to enhance moral values and the growth of consciousness

At the end of childhood, the youth need structure and landmarks to guide their lives among the suscitations and choices they face in adolescence. We thought it is also necessary to provide them with creations likely to make them discover and experience, for themselves, the validity of universal moral values leading to happiness.

Aid to the work of literary and artistic creation at the service of beauty, goodness and truth

Appel Fondation provides support to creators of literature and art work. This support focuses on the financing of computer hardware, connection and web hosting fees, travel and participation in symposia. The Foundation is also involved in supporting the publication of these creations.

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Current projects

Providing educational children's tales

Lovely stories in several languages ​​that will capture the attention of children and adults alike. These tales, rich of emotions and experiences, will open the door for a better future, full of wisdom.

  • "Sidera" (An excerpt of the story Sidera will soon be available on the web)

Providing coloring books to poor children and orphans

Coloring books can make you travel the world of your imagination.

One may think that returning to the interior of oneself in order to draw the inspiration, the images and the energy that rejuvenate and revivify is a difficult act. Coloring a drawing is already a meditation. We contemplate the artwork, we gradually enter in it accompanied by a pencil or a brush, to fill this artwork with the colors of our imagination for our eyes to grasp the beauty.

With your help, Appel Fondation could provide poor children and orphans (of 12 years old and over) these coloring books:

  • Eltairia
  • Mandalamas
  • The Galactic Colouring book

Visit to see excerpts of the colouring books.

A soothing gift: Music

Music is the universal language par excellence! Scientists have started to explain the benefits of music on our brains. Indeed, research has shown that music instantly acts upon our well-being physically and mentally. It calms our tensions, it craddles our memories, it makes us become intelligent and it can even heal us.

Music allows children to experience emotions along with a sense of security, the feelings he finds once out of the mother's womb. Classical music helps children to focus, to develop the ability to listen, to stimulate their creativity and to better understand the world around them.

With your help, Appel Fondation could provide free music CDs that have already been appreciated for their soothing and refreshing quality:


"My Daily Companion"

This booklet proposes the discovery and experimentation of a moral value for each day of the week, to build one's future. It is meant for the 8-14 year-olds. It comes in the form of a small booklet that can be carried along. It features a double page per day with an illustration and a piece of advice for the young to develop their inner being, to live and harmonize their emotions, to grow healthy relationships with others, etc.