Give a chance to the disadvantaged...

Support the present time

by alleviating suffering and survival.

and build the future!

with tools to support children's emotional

balance in a disturbed environment.

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Our Actions


Appel Fondation displays actions in three sectors

  • Humanitarian actions of regular support, the results of which we can track
  • Timely financial assistance for humanitarian emergencies in various parts of the world
  • The financing of humanitarian, environmental and cultural projects selected for their capacity to alleviate situations of suffering and survival, or for their capacity to offer tools that encourage emotional balance of the individual in a disturbed environment

The actions of regular support

The actions of regular support of Appel Fondation take place in Africa and South America as well as in Asia : the Farming Co-operative of Lani-Mody in Mali, day-care centre Association Cintilar for Brazilian street children, and Association St-Paul Orphanage in India.

The specific actions of support

The specific actions of support in case of humanitarian emergencies led the Foundation to act in cases of physical distress, as well as in disaster situations affecting thousands of people (Thailand, Pakistan, Chile, Haiti, Japan, Philippines, Nepal, etc..)

The actions that prepare the future

The actions that prepare the future involve support for the creation of educational and artistic tools providing an awakening to moral values and to the growth of consciousness, imagination and emotional sensitivity. So that everyone can find in themselves the primeval forces of trust, hope, enthusiasm and wonder to manage pain, misfortune and adversity.

Other actions in progress

  • Promoting an Ashram-Farm backed by an Ayurvedic Clinic in India
  • Providing water purification terminals running on solar energy
  • Seeking of individual sponsorship for children of the St-Paul Orphanage

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