Multifunctional agricultural cooperative in Mali

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Farming cooperative in Mali


The reality in Africa…

  • On the African continent, approximately 200 million people suffer from malnutrition (IFPRI)
  • 38 million people in Africa are threatened with famine; emergency measures are to be taken (IFPRI)

Goals of the Agricultural Cooperative of Lani-Mody

The Multifunctional Agricultural Cooperative of Lani-Mody (located in the region of Kayes in Mali, Africa) consists of 14 men and 34 women who have been working for almost 25 years in order to bring food to the 2000 people of their village, and to thousands of nearby villagers. They produce corn, niebe, onions, gombos, tomatoes, cereals, and fruits such as bananas, mangoes, papayas, etc.

Located on 70 hectares of land along the Senegal River, the Farming Cooperative is facing the need to:

  • Restore the irrigation canals that have been damaged, due to the hydraulic pressure and to aging equipment.
  • Fight against the desertification process that keeps increasing each year.
  • Plant trees adapted to the Sahelian climate, and likely to be used as firewood.
  • Urgently build fences around the farmed land, to protect crops from damage caused by wild animals.
  • Strengthen and stabilize the river banks against erosion.
  • Clear, de-stump, level and seed the entire land given by the Malian state (only a portion is used) because the region is coveted by multinational agro-industries.

They put up a modern agriculture that meets the expectations of rural areas and in particular the needs of very large families (30 family members on average)!

Our interventions

Appel Fondation has taken actions to buy a truck for the distribution of products of the cooperative in the neighboring villages and also to help with the farming expenses, maintenance, and the renewing of farming material. In addition, support was provided for the training and the salary of a school teacher for children of the village.

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Recent news

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How to support the work of the Agricultural Cooperative of Lani-Mody?

All donations will help the Agricultural Cooperative to ensure the continuation of this action, which feeds thousands of people!

If you wish to support the Agricultural Cooperative of Lani-Mody, click here!

All members of the cooperative expressed their appreciation.  Thank you for contributing to the construction of their future.

Gift Ideas to help thousands of African villagers to have a better quality of life!

  • 720$ for the purchase of a solar panel for lighting
  • 6,770$ for the purchase of a second tractor
  • 12,390$ for the installation of a well with hand pump
  • 28,440$ for fencing and cultivating the whole of the 70 hectares of land, thus securing them, because the Malian State is not allowed to take back a land when it is already under cultivation.