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Orphanage in India


Street child rehabilitation programme in India

The reality in India...

Goals of the St-Paul’s Association

St Paul’s Educational & Welfare Association (also legally called « Elim Children Home ») is located in Agiripalli, near Gannavaram, in Andhra Pradesh, India. Since 1994, this orphanage has been run by Joseph Raju and is now a home to 70 children. Of these, 30 sleep in the orphanage and 40 are from extremely poor families whose parents live in nearby villages, where kids go back to sleep at night. Those 40 children are welcomed at the association during the day because it is the only way for them to get meals and clothing and to receive an education.

Many children were placed in the orphanage in order for them to lose their "outcast" status. In the Indian tradition, the "outcast" status is transmitted from parents to children over the generations. Outcasts are obliged to live in severe poverty and are relegated to degrading tasks, or jobs with very low salary or considered impure for other castes. A child released from this status will have the opportunity to receive an education and to live a better life.

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This orphanage provides these 70 children with shelter, food, care, family and education

St Paul’s Educational & Welfare Association has built a school that provides education to these 70 children, and also, temporarily, to more than 200 children from the neighbourhood.

Here are the courses that will enable them to better adapt to society:
  • A rehabilitation program that aims to increase their self-confidence and reliability, so that these children can better adapt to society.
  • School teaching for the youngest.
  • Vocational training for the older children (tailoring, printing and bookbinding, carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, electrician training, masonry, farming, brick manufacture).
  • Recreational activities
  • Games and sports competition to bring out their hidden talents

Our interventions

Appel Fondation has been participating in the support of the St-Paul’s Association activities, including the construction of a larger house to receive more children.

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Word of Joseph Raju, president of the St-Paul’s Association:

“Most families are largely unable to feed and educate their children; they send them to our day-care centre and orphanage so that they get food and an education till their 14th year. The older students, who studied well, stay in the orphanage and continue their education or receive a vocational training till their 18th year when they can get a job. We let them go, after they have received a good education and have become an able person. They came to our orphanage as beggars, now they leave as people who can earn a living; that is how we make a difference in the lives of the young generation.”

How to support the work of St-Paul’s Association?

Your financial support will be precious in order to:

  • Integrate a larger number of children in the St-Paul's Orphanage.
  • Distribute clothes, food, school equipment, etc.
  • Create an extension of service to other street children through periodic medical camps.

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All the children express their gratitude to you.
Thank you for offering them a future.

Gift Ideas to help the St-Paul’s Association in India to continue its mission with these 70 orphaned and disadvantaged children:

  • 7$ for the purchase of a school bag for one child
  • 15$ for the purchase of school books for one child
  • 15$ for the purchase of a school uniform for one child
  • 35$ for providing complete school equipment for one child
  • 35$ to pay the medical expenses of one child